Feature                                                                       Stunt coordinator        

50 SHADES OF GREY                                           Stunt Double (Jamie Dornan)                                                    Melissa Stubbs

WILD                                                                       Stunt Coordinator                                                                       Self

THE DARKER PATH                                              Stunt Coordinator                                                                        Self

WEST OF REDEMPTION                                      Stunt Coordinator                                                                        Self

THE SECTOR                                                        Stunt Rigger                                                                                 Michael Hilow

LAGGIES                                                                (Stunt Double/Driver)                                                                  Cherrill Johnson

7 MINUTES                                                             (Stunt Performer)                                                                        Michael Hilow

FORCE OF EXECUTION                                       (Stunt Performer)                                                                         Lauro Chartrand

DALLAS BUYER’S CLUB                                       (Stunt Coordinator)                                                                     Self

AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS                               (Stunt Coordinator)                                                                     Self

YOU CAN’T WIN                                                    (Stunt Coordinator)                                                                    Self

BIGFOOT                                                               (Stunt Performer)                                                                         Bob Bragg

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES                                   (Stunt Performer)                                                                          Tom Struthers

THOR                                                                     (Utility Stunts)                                                                              Andy Armstrong

SOMETHING WICKED                                          (Stunt Performer)                                                                       Jerry Buxbaum

LOVE HAPPENS                                                    (Stunt Driver/Utility Stunts)                                                       Lloyd Adams

TWILIGHT                                                              (Utility Stunts/Rigging)                                                               Andy Cheng/Sammy Valdivia

BATTLE IN SEATTLE                                             (Asst. Coord. – US/Utility Stunts)                                              Art Hickman- US unit

VALLEY OF THE HEART’S DELIGHT                   (Stunt Performer                                                                        Raliegh Wilson

EXPIRATION DATE                                               (Stunt Double/Driver)                                                                Art Hickman

ALEXANDER THE GREAT                                    (Special Military–UK/Thailand/Morocco)                                 Gary Powell

BAND OF BROTHERS                                          (Special Military – UK 10 episodes)                                          Greg Powell


TV/Video/Short Film/Comm.

FORD (2014 lineup)                                                               Stunt Driver                                                            COMMERCIAL

DALLAS (multiple episodes)                                                Stunt Double (Patrick Duffy)                                  Freddie Poole

WHILE YOU WERE’NT LOOKING                                        Stunt Coordinator                                                  SHORT

GRIMM (multiple episodes                                                  Stunt Double/Stunt Performer/Stunt Driver          Matt Taylor

IN PLAIN SIGHT (Something Borrowed)                             Stunt Performer                                                      Jimmy Romano

CADILLAC ESCALADE                                                        Stunt Driver                                                            COMMERCIAL

AMERICA’S MOST WANTED (2011)                                    Stunt Driver                                                            Ron Otis

ALICE IN CHAINS (Lessons Learned)                                Stunt Coordinator                                                  MUSIC VIDEO

TOYOTA                                                                              Precision Driver                                                    COMMERCIAL

LEVERAGE (multiple episodes)                                         Stunt Performer/Stunt Rigger                               Kevin Jackson

NIGHT BLIND                                                                      Stunt Coordinator                                                  SHORT

GIVEN TO WALK                                                               Stunt Coordinator                                                  SHORT

GM AUTO INSURANCE                                                     Precision Driver                                                    Art Hickman

MONTANA STATE L&I                                                     Stunt Rigger                                                           Art Hickman

FACE OF THE ENEMY                                                     Stunt Performer                                                      Johnny Martin

ANASTASIA                                                                      Stunt Rigger                                                           MUSIC VIDEO

WEEZER                                                                            Stunt Rigger                                                           MUSIC VIDEO



SKILLS - Firearms Safety & Skills, Fire Burns, Unarmed/Armed Combat, High Falls (40’), Jerk Harness, Mini Tramp, Rigging & Stunt Safety, Rappelling, Horse Riding & Falls, Air Ram, Stair Falls. TRAINING - Three-week Stunt Workshop; Intermediate & Advanced Precision Driving Course – Motor Sports Driving Academy; Additional Weapons Training on Band of Brothers – Weapons of World War II